Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Ezri-isms

"Mom, your bum is like Jell-o."

To Morgan, "Morgan, I like your friend's hair. Morgan, I like your friend's necklaces. Morgan, I like your friend's earrings. Morgan, I like your friend's shirt . . . "

Morgan: "My friend's name is Kristie."

Ezri: "Oh. Morgan, I like Kristie's hair . . . "

Riley and Macie popped in for a minute on their way to the basketball game. When they left, Ezri sighed, "I miss them sooo much already.".

She likes to sing little songs to herself. I don't know if they are actual songs they sing in Daycare, or if she makes them up - but this morning it was "step on the X's not the Checks-es" while she drew X's and check marks up and down her paper.

Oh, hold up, she is singing now~
I will try to keep up . . .

"the itsy bitsie spider crawled up the water spout and she ran up the sock and she started snorring and she started eating a taco . . . and wake up piggie, snore - snore - snore, 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 fourteenfivetyandnine, and the little kitty started crying and socks and aha aha aha, and she spitted out her food and pop goes the weeeeeeeeezle, and water out the fountains, and she started crying in the toilet, and she started snorring like a little baby taco in a paint. . . .(panting to catch her breath) I don't want to sing that again. (sigh) That was HORRIBLE!"

If you have seen the Disney/Pixar movie UP -

the part where Mr Fredrickson has to go to court --
"That's the Naughty Chair. He has to sit in Time-Out!"

the part where both of the old guy's throw out their backs while sword/cane fighting --
"Mom! Mom! They both gotted OLD!"

"The scariest part is where the puppies yell and take Kevin prisoner and she has to feed the babies!"

Friday, November 13, 2009

story time