Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tai Chi

The hardest part about this class was finding it - the building, and the "Chi."
I will work on it, but perhaps if I can focus on my Chi and practice the moves I learned, it will stop cramping up so much . . .
The instructor described it as "internal. Place your index finger in your belly button, then behind your pinkie finger - that is where your "Chi" is. It is like your center -"
I wanted to blurt out - "the center for P.M.S!" but resisted . . .
It was a lot of fun. At least, a quiet place to go for an hour once a week without the kids.

Monday, March 30, 2009

1 hour art class for pre-schoolers

Ezri ran up to the building, "Can't be late, mom!"
Wiggled with anticipation as I paid the supplies fee, "I'm soooo excited, mom!"
Sat right down and started coloring -
then started crying when another student grabbed some crayons. I took her out into the hall for a minute . . .
"I'm so scared, mom. This is really scary . . . " she choked out between sobs.
I told her I would stay right by the door for this class, and she was fine after that. I peeked in on them, and she was painting her egg saying, "I need more orange."
And telling the teacher, "You're welcome!" when the teacher told her "good job."

We will work on "please" and "thank you" some more before Wednesday.
There were 3 more children that broke down before class was over - but 2 of them had parents nearby to take them out for a break. The other girl couldn't calm down, and it was pretty hard to keep the projects going while the teaching assistant tried to comfort her and track down a parent. I was glad Ezri calmed down before the project started, and that I didn't leave right away.

Hopefully, I can stay outside the whole class next time and read, or chat with the other moms. My plan was to go run for the hour - but after seeing how one kid with a meltdown can really throw the lesson plan off - I think I'll at least stay in the building for the first few weeks... just in case.
It was really neat seeing her run up to me at the end and show me her projects. I think it will be a great experience for her, and get her ready for preschool this fall. Wow . . . preschool! What a big girl!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The big 3

It was so much fun to decorate for her big day - I think I'll leave the ribbon chandelier up all week.
Decorating cupcakes.

Zain napped through the cupcakes, but had fun wearing his party hat, and subsequently taking off his hat and chewing on it until it was soaked.

We have a couple of packages to pick up in the morning. Thank you in advance!

Monday, March 23, 2009

bean plant

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I hate trying to get pictures in the right order on this thing . . .

Ezri Turns 3 on Sunday. WOW!
I can't believe how grown up she seems, putting on her own shoes, taking care of Zain, thinking about all kinds of crazy things...She was eating her broccoli and saying how yummy it was, then turned to look at me and asked, "How does broccoli grow?"
I asked her,"What?" twice, thinking she must be saying her broccoli is cold, or something. (Mine still had frozen spots . . .)
"How does broccoli grow? On a big tree?" She points out the windows at the trees. "A BIG tree covered in broccoli!? What!? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

This picture makes me think of all the magic she has been doing with her red blanket. "I'm going to magic Zain." She puts the blanket over his face and waves her hand while saying, "presto alakazamo, chango like a cow!" then whips the blankie away sending Zain into his grunting/laughing fit.
"See, mom? Zain magic-ed to a cow!"

Happy Birthday, big girl!

Zain's first carousel ride

It was members day, so rides were free. Ezri would have gone 10 more times, but I tend to get motion sickness after 3 or 4 turns. I knew Zain would be riding and packed the camera... turned it on, and the batteries were dead. But Christian had his phone - not too bad for phone pictures. Zain was a little shaky at first, but after a couple of trips
he seemed to be more comfortable, and rode a cat with Ezri
Then he took a solo ride. He really liked his first ostrich ride. When it started to go up and down, he was very excited.I look like a lady from one of those Suave commercials . . . you know the mom that has "lost it." Only I haven't "gotten it back," yet. I don't know how mom's do it. I think I will just have to switch the getting ready routine to be dressing myself first. I always get the kiddos ready, hair, outfits, teeth brushed, Ezri even gets lip gloss some days - then I do what? Pony tail, sweats, and let's go out the door...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a BlogHog this week . . .

Ezri sings the ABC's. I really enjoyed all of the little cousins singing the alphabet, so I hope you enjoy this.Apparently, she would rather be singing Rancidyeah, I don't know what is up with Zain's shirt. Too much drool and a big head.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the hairstyle

Ezri the photographer, and Christian's birthday

This morning before leaving for a fun, friend-filled day with Dad: "Mom, Zain's done. he can't want breast-milk. He wants his formlua in his baby bottle." He was still fussy after we went downstairs, and Ezri got his bottle out of the fridge,"Here, I give it to him."
I didn't think he would drink any of it - I had just finished feeding him, but he drank it all. Ezri kept saying, "See, mom, see. He likes it."

I need to find the pictures I took of her hairstyle yesterday . . . an entire can of hairspray. It actually looked pretty neat. Too bad our hot water was off all day, and she had to wait to wash it out. She had itchy chunks dried to her head for hours!

He loves the lizard toys. Ezri found them one day, and told me, "There, that's a good toy for him." He sings to them and plays with them like a big kid .
Zain has been poking his little tongue out all week. It's too cute.

Ezri has been taking pictures and videos all over the house on rainy days. It's kind of exciting to check the camera and watch them - like a little peek inside her world. I like how the toys are sharing the blanket. She is actually getting better at composing her shots. Not as many blurry pictures of feet and floors
On Christian's birthday. Zain loved the napkins, and sitting in the high chair, giving dirty looks to the table next to us. The ladies were cooing and saying he was cute, but he was really staring them down with the evil eye.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


One warm day this week. We made the best of it.
This little bean sprout is really big now. I will post a picture if it gets any little flowers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

with the "exterior remodel and earthquake retro-fit" happily behind us, I was looking forward to some peaceful afternoons crafting away. No luck. Once a neighbor moves out, the apartment is gutted and remodeled on the inside. We have lost a lot of neighbors in the past 2 months, and the interior construction is just as loud. At least Zain sleeps though it, and the weather is . . . I spoke too soon, zain is not sleeping though it anymore ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zain had his doctor's appointment today. Ezri told me, "Him scared to get the sharp hurtie at the doctor, mom." I told her shots only hurt for a minute, and he will be fine.

The doctor asked if he has had constipation, and Ezri answered, "I have constipation. Zain not have constipation. Ezri have constipation."
We all had a good laugh.
He is 21 pounds and 27 inches.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Boy

Ezri asked me if she could hold Zain the other night. Then, "stand up and take him over there?" I tried to help her carry him, but he was indeed, "too big! too heavy!" They have been having fun on our rainy day mornings playing 'roll ball' on mom's big bed. "Zain drooled on my ball! So slippery!" She is really starting to like him. In the morning, she tells me, "Mom, Zain can't want any more breast milk. Zain wants to play with me, now."
And he usually does. He adores her! Smiling, and laughing, and lunging for her whenever he can.

She was eating Ritz crackers for her snack last week, and she had taken one bite out of each one, then lined up the crescent shaped leftovers in a row on the counter. I walked past and ate one. "MOOOOOM! You can't eat them!"
"Why?" I asked.
"Cause them are my mustaches!"

Lately, she has been using the word 'probably' in all of her sentences... only, she pronounces it like 'poopy' So, when she says, "I probably wanted to watch Cat and Jerry," It sounds like "I poopy wanted to..."

She is telling my I need more pants on, because my bum is peeking out ... she is poopy right.