Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Boy

Ezri asked me if she could hold Zain the other night. Then, "stand up and take him over there?" I tried to help her carry him, but he was indeed, "too big! too heavy!" They have been having fun on our rainy day mornings playing 'roll ball' on mom's big bed. "Zain drooled on my ball! So slippery!" She is really starting to like him. In the morning, she tells me, "Mom, Zain can't want any more breast milk. Zain wants to play with me, now."
And he usually does. He adores her! Smiling, and laughing, and lunging for her whenever he can.

She was eating Ritz crackers for her snack last week, and she had taken one bite out of each one, then lined up the crescent shaped leftovers in a row on the counter. I walked past and ate one. "MOOOOOM! You can't eat them!"
"Why?" I asked.
"Cause them are my mustaches!"

Lately, she has been using the word 'probably' in all of her sentences... only, she pronounces it like 'poopy' So, when she says, "I probably wanted to watch Cat and Jerry," It sounds like "I poopy wanted to..."

She is telling my I need more pants on, because my bum is peeking out ... she is poopy right.


Pat said...

Grandma loves the videos!