Monday, March 30, 2009

1 hour art class for pre-schoolers

Ezri ran up to the building, "Can't be late, mom!"
Wiggled with anticipation as I paid the supplies fee, "I'm soooo excited, mom!"
Sat right down and started coloring -
then started crying when another student grabbed some crayons. I took her out into the hall for a minute . . .
"I'm so scared, mom. This is really scary . . . " she choked out between sobs.
I told her I would stay right by the door for this class, and she was fine after that. I peeked in on them, and she was painting her egg saying, "I need more orange."
And telling the teacher, "You're welcome!" when the teacher told her "good job."

We will work on "please" and "thank you" some more before Wednesday.
There were 3 more children that broke down before class was over - but 2 of them had parents nearby to take them out for a break. The other girl couldn't calm down, and it was pretty hard to keep the projects going while the teaching assistant tried to comfort her and track down a parent. I was glad Ezri calmed down before the project started, and that I didn't leave right away.

Hopefully, I can stay outside the whole class next time and read, or chat with the other moms. My plan was to go run for the hour - but after seeing how one kid with a meltdown can really throw the lesson plan off - I think I'll at least stay in the building for the first few weeks... just in case.
It was really neat seeing her run up to me at the end and show me her projects. I think it will be a great experience for her, and get her ready for preschool this fall. Wow . . . preschool! What a big girl!


Jeff and Rose said...

It won't be long before she'll tell you, "you go, now, mom" and then turn on her heels and not look back.
yup. this is a red letter day.