Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ezri the photographer, and Christian's birthday

This morning before leaving for a fun, friend-filled day with Dad: "Mom, Zain's done. he can't want breast-milk. He wants his formlua in his baby bottle." He was still fussy after we went downstairs, and Ezri got his bottle out of the fridge,"Here, I give it to him."
I didn't think he would drink any of it - I had just finished feeding him, but he drank it all. Ezri kept saying, "See, mom, see. He likes it."

I need to find the pictures I took of her hairstyle yesterday . . . an entire can of hairspray. It actually looked pretty neat. Too bad our hot water was off all day, and she had to wait to wash it out. She had itchy chunks dried to her head for hours!

He loves the lizard toys. Ezri found them one day, and told me, "There, that's a good toy for him." He sings to them and plays with them like a big kid .
Zain has been poking his little tongue out all week. It's too cute.

Ezri has been taking pictures and videos all over the house on rainy days. It's kind of exciting to check the camera and watch them - like a little peek inside her world. I like how the toys are sharing the blanket. She is actually getting better at composing her shots. Not as many blurry pictures of feet and floors
On Christian's birthday. Zain loved the napkins, and sitting in the high chair, giving dirty looks to the table next to us. The ladies were cooing and saying he was cute, but he was really staring them down with the evil eye.


Kylie said...

That Zain is getting big! You really need to come home so we can play with those cute kiddos.

Kimberly said...

all in good time, my pretty.