Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zain's first carousel ride

It was members day, so rides were free. Ezri would have gone 10 more times, but I tend to get motion sickness after 3 or 4 turns. I knew Zain would be riding and packed the camera... turned it on, and the batteries were dead. But Christian had his phone - not too bad for phone pictures. Zain was a little shaky at first, but after a couple of trips
he seemed to be more comfortable, and rode a cat with Ezri
Then he took a solo ride. He really liked his first ostrich ride. When it started to go up and down, he was very excited.I look like a lady from one of those Suave commercials . . . you know the mom that has "lost it." Only I haven't "gotten it back," yet. I don't know how mom's do it. I think I will just have to switch the getting ready routine to be dressing myself first. I always get the kiddos ready, hair, outfits, teeth brushed, Ezri even gets lip gloss some days - then I do what? Pony tail, sweats, and let's go out the door...