Monday, August 18, 2008


sleeping beauty

"It looks fake . . . like you put a watermellon under your shirt . . ."

Now, there's something ya don't see everyday!!
definitely not a watermelon. Can you say streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch marks?

Sorry if those last 2 are a bit t.m.i., it's just amazing to me!! Wait, he will be born a mere 7 lbs, like Ezri, and this belly will be even more of a wonder.


Jessica said...

OK, you LOOK SO GREAT!!! I am LOVING the hair and the beautiful BIG belly! I was so ashamed of my strech marks with Maren, & am disappointed I didn't embrace them a bit more.

You look so ready for that baby to be OUT! I hope you aren't too miserable yet. I can't wait to see him!!

Kylie said...

wow kim!
I really like your new hair cut. You looks so cute!

Liz said...

Um, you haven't seen big unless you saw my big belly with two babies over 7 pounds each!! I think your belly is perfect and adorable!! I love your hair, is very flattering on your beautiful face!!

Buffy said...

Kim the hair cut looks so good on you! That is an impressive baby bump!

Erica said...

Kim you are looking so good. Looking at your baby counter I just realized that we could be having our babies very close to one another! I need your address also, the card I tried to send you got sent back. so if you don't mind... my email is