Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ezri's first haircut.

Super Cute!

First, let me just say, "Ugh, men . . . . "
After months of, "We need to cut Ezri's hair."
I get, "What? You cut her hair??!!"

Anyway, it's so flippin' cute and so much easier to wash and comb. Ezri did say, after the first snip, "Um, want Kylie cut hair, not mommy."

It was actually a lot harder than I imagined. Very crooked at first, then by the time I got it even, it was at her shoulders, then once it dried and curled up, it's at her chin. But I think it's really cute on her, so it worked out.

Christian put a lock of her baby hair in his memory box ... I hope he doesn't save her baby teeth, too. Gross.

I went to the bath room after taking these pictures, and came back to this. Ezri had given him all of his toys, and was saying, "look at this. oh, look at this. oh, this one's big chicken."
They are going to be great playmates!

(by the way, it's sparkling apple cider in the green bottle on the table . . . in case you were worried.)


Buffy said...

The haircut turned out really cute - you cut a lot off! Zain looks really cute and happy in his high chair.

BDawg said...

Whoa. Maybe it is just because he is wearing a banana-yellow outfit, but Zane reminds me of a picture of myself that was dubbed "banana-slug baby."

I prefer Kylie cut my hair, too.

Kylie said...

It's way cute. I love that she wanted me to cut her hair.