Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ezri gave Zain all his toys while he was swinging. He's growing so fast. Ezri loves to hand him a rattle and when he grabs onto it, she will squeal, "He likes it! Look, mama! Look! Zain likes him toy!" He is doing really well. The iron supplements are back in the mix - his last blood test was just a little low - so we are back to some interesting diaper changes. But whatever he needs to be healthy.

We have "dance time" when the dance clothes are clean and dry - so, about once a week . . .

I wasn't going to post today, but, what the heck - why not . . . The first, oh, 5 seconds. So, if it's loading slow, you're not missing anything but documentation of my messy apartment after that . . . video


Jessica said...

If it is slow loading, then you miss the most hilarious part...totally galling over. The 38 seconds after that are just sweet and darling.

How do we have dancers for children? How do we have such cute kids?