Thursday, April 2, 2009

Doodlebug art class day 2

Ezri's teacher sent us the pictures taken during class. The kid in the middle does not look like he wants to be wearing pink bunny ears.

We walked to class this time. Zain loved the stroller ride and playing in the hall while Ezri did her project. There was a big sign on the door:

Parents of anxious children
must stay inside the building. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
I kind of giggled. All the parents had to sign and turn in a form saying as much on the first class. But, before being too critical, I reminded myself, you don't always know if you have an "anxious" child or not, or what might make them "anxious."
As far as I could tell from outside, there were only 2 minor meltdowns - and one parent leaving halfway through with a kicker and screamer covered in pink glitter. Each time I would hear a fuss inside, I would hold my breath that they wouldn't bring Ezri out covered in throw up.

It was so windy on the walk home, we almost lost her bunny. She was kind of grumpy after that. If you look closely at her ScoobyDoo, she wrote a big capital "E!"

Today, she jumped out of bed and told me "Get ready for class! Let's go to class!" I'm glad she is liking it.