Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doodlebug art class week 2

Ezri did not want her picture taken, so Zain will model her hat. I am glad I took this picture, because I didn't even realize that there was crayon all over the wall. Magic eraser to the rescue~
I wonder if she asked for a Blues Clues coloring page. I like the pink tongue.

There was candy hidden in the bottom of this carrot basket!
The projects have been very spring themed. I liked this bunny rocket they made. Zain enjoyed Ezri's bunny puppet "hop hop hop" Chek out the whiskers she put under its nose, and the bushy eyebrows!

Ezri really likes her classmates and teacher. When I went to Tai Chi the other night, she asked me if her teacher taught my class. I thought that was pretty cute. I love that when I ask her about class, she actually tells me about the things that they did. "We danced and sang twinkle twinkle, and I glued, but no painting today, and one boy was crying, and one kid went crazy."

Sounds like fun.


Amy Bateman said...

Sounds a lot like the classes I teach.

Jessica said...

Takes after her mama

BDawg said...

We like to ask Morgan about her day at daycare. Specifically, we like to ask who got timeout for doing what. It is like our own little gossip ring.

Valerie said...

Kim, another great little get-ready-for preschool class. Only it's free! And two hours long! Stories, singing, and a snack! It's nursery!!! I would highly reccommend it :) Ezri would love it.

Liz said...

"...and one kid went crazy." Hysterical!! I love it!