Thursday, May 21, 2009

"I quit"

So, Ezri has been saying some funny things. She told me her chewable Claritin "Tastes Awesome!"
Then, while we were eating KFC at our indoor picnic dinner "This is AMAZING!"
She told Zain, "You look gorgeous!"
And my favorite - she was mad at Christian for some reason, so she went and got a towel, then threw it at him, and yelled, "I quit!" literally, throwing in the towel, I guess.
It's just funny the vocabulary she is picking up.
When I walked in the door today, she asked, "Mom, where have you been?"
"At the court for Jury Duty," I told her.
"Oh, that's great."

Big man Zain is having some serious separation issues lately. He is very sensitive. Scared to go in the swings at the park - terrified to sit bare-legged on the grass, traumatized by running the shower if he is in the bath - and forget about bouncing him on your knee. He really gets frightened. He can drag the whole jump-a-roo across the living room, but despite his tough-guy appearance, he is a real mamaa's boy.


Jessica said...

"I quit" so great! I put Maren in timeout the other week; when the door closed she yelled, "your fired"

And I should keep a straight face for many of the things she says, or reprimand her. But I can't

Buffy said...

I remember my boys going through stages like that and my brother in law calling them mamas boys. We wish you were here this weekend to enjoy the huge waterslide and festivities!