Saturday, May 9, 2009

So, about a week ago, I went through the local attractions, and filled out our calendar with all of the days that area parks and museums offer free admission. Since Ezri and Zain have had fevers, and colds, we missed the Exploritorium, and the De Young Museum this week. Today, I was determined to get them out to the Discovery Museum again. I figured, most of it is outside, anyway, so who cares if they are a little sniffley... and the weather is awesome this weekend!

Well, we walked up, and the back gate was locked - "uh, oh," I told Christian, "if it's not free, I guess we can go for a hike and check out the water...."
We went to the front, and they hostess lady said it wasn't the free day. "Oh, I thought it was the second Saturday," I said. I mean, I had just checked the website last week -

She waved her hand and brushed that comment off, "Oh, like, months ago we did that . . . now it's on Wednesdays..."
"Yeah, months ago, like LAST month?" I questioned.

"Well, maybe, sometimes, when there is a festival - or, like, tommorrow, for Mother's Day, it's free...."
I was about to say we could just come back tommorrow, when she said, "We aren't going to turn you away - "

So, we went in without paying addmission. I thought that was very nice. Maybe we will still go tommorrow. Ezri loves it. I can't imagine paying ten bucks a piece to get into what is basically, a playground for toddlers. I think that is why I never signed up for Gymboree. Just pay your taxes, and take your kid to the neighborhood park.
I suppose, if you were only in town for a few days, and had little kids, it would be worth it. There are cool things there. Very pre-K friendly. Enough to keep busy for 2 or 3 hours, and that's as long as my kids last, anyway.


Todd said...

Zain's mohawk scares me.

Todd said...

it frightens me, Val. Not Todd

Knudson Family said...

His soft spot is still this pulsating bulge on top . . . and when his hair is spiked up, it bumps up and down. Bu-bump, Bu-bump. It will scare you more when you see it live in action!