Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun in the pool, and at Great Grandma Madsen's

Taking a spin in Great Grandpa's chair.

Well, week one in Idaho was a bit bumpy, but we have still managed to have some fun with cousins and grandparents. Ezri has been really shy around new faces all week, crying and hiding in her blanket - but she was all smiles at Great Grandma's. But who wouldn't smile with one of Freda's cookies?

My Dad really does get some great shots!

Zain had a great time at Great Grandma's house.
Fancy Ezri

I love how ZAIN looks GiGanTic in the stroller.

Zain did not like the pool, at all. So I took him inside and then I heard all of this giggling and laughing from Lucia and Ezri. Of course, by the time I got the camera, Lucia was no longer laughing.

There are about 20 shots of Zain and Dad where they are both making the same face. This one was my favorite.


Jared said...

Whose pool is that?

Knudson Family said...

It is Papa Pete Knudson's oasis.

A--nd in case anyone was wondering, no, great grandma's shirt and tablecloth are not the same fabric... but they did coordinate quite nicely.

Sabrina said...

How long are you in Idaho? and are you traveling back through Utah? I live in Bountiful and would meet you on the side of the freeway for a chat! Mark Branson just stopped by on his way back to was fun to see him! Let me know if you come by this way!