Tuesday, June 2, 2009

should have kept my camera handy . . .

Sorry, no cross country road trip pictures of our move. I did remember one interesting mini-adventure.
Sign at Utah rest stop: "beware of scorpions and snakes"
As I open the door to the bathroom, I see a scurry - my heart races, but I manage not to scream as I realize it is just a big mouse and not a scorpion. There was nowhere for the little mouse to hide, so Ezri could really see it running around the rest room.
She said, "I hate animals when it's a mouse in the potty!"
We went to an alternate rest room that did not have any animals or bugs.

Ezri is also reminding me that there was a "Skeeto-bug" and she screamed, "AAAAAAA BUG!" and yelled at everyone in the rest stop and ran out the door. She really screamed!

We also got to see Buck at Aunt Anita's house. Winnemucca was probably the best part of the trip. It was so nice! Thank you for letting us visit.


Andrea said...

Um I didn't even realize that Buck was still alive. How old is he now?