Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's freakin' COLD~!

We tried to go to Lagoon . . . we tried to swim in the pool . . . we tried to go for a walk - but it is cold and windy and rainy and we are running out of things to do inside! Lucy and Ezri were playing the piano - and I asked Ezri if i could sing a song while they play the music.
"no, I am singing Mary Had A Little Lamb, but you don't know the way I am going to sing it. I am singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, but it's the different one."
Then she starts singing. And I am thinking it is really a different version that they maybe sing at daycare or something.
"Mary had a little lamb, but she went down the wrong path, and her lamb got lost. Mary lost her little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, when she went on the wrong pathway . . . "
The tune was kind of jazzy, and she was even playing pretty good notes to go with it on the piano . . . and I think she is just totally improvising, and it's pretty good.
"So Mary had to go look in the petunias for her lamb, and little red riding hood took her to a pet store, but it was a pet store with only cats and dogs, not her lost little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, and sheep. And Mary fell on the path and broke both her elbows, so she couldn't find her little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, so they cut down all the trees in the forest, and went to a pet store with lambs, and she found her laaaaaaaaaaamb!"


The best song of the day was Zain rocking out on a keyboard in the attic, singing, and dancing, "Barbie, Barbie, Barbie, BAAAAAAARBIES!" He mostly played with the Barbie Corvette and the Barbie Bar-B-Q this time. We had to cut Barbies short when Ezri opened a "vial" of "potion" that was a sampler of old lady perfume, and smelled just terrible. I had to wash her clothes twice. but they did get to wear their swimsuits in the tub - so I am counting that as swimming.


Liz said...

How random was that to see you guys at Lagoon?!?!?!?! I'm sorry it was so short, my kids were not feeling very patient that day...they were running from ride to ride and whining if there was more than a 2 minute wait. Your kids are beautiful and so BIG!