Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Knudsons Go Camping

"HishKaBubs" and roasted marshmallows and a mini moose hike and backing right into a boulder and a fever and vomit and a ton of dust and disassembling a muddy tent and air mattress in the dark . . . I would say, for this group, it was a success.
Zain learned he can go potty in nature!! (even if it is right in front of the car door . . . right next to the road, completely naked, while a caravan of ATVs and dirt bikes drives by . . . ) The weather was perfect, the bugs were tolerable, and the food was really yummy. Ezri even said she had fun today, and Zain said "I love camping."

Both kids were crying "This is SCARY!" before even getting out of the car. "You're going to drive right off the road! Slow down!" I was not even making it up to 10mph. "Let's just go home!"
But they both started to have a little fun once the fire got going.