Friday, May 9, 2008

best job ever

I wish I posted more anecdotal stories about my day as a san francisco 911 dispatcher . . .
911 for "Emergencies"
Best Call of the Day
I'll do my best to remember how she said it - - -
"hello, I'm taking a group of senior citizens to the zoo, and, well, I'm concerned about those chimpanzees . . . if we stay together as a group, they won't attack us, right?"

I had so many questions for this caller - but let her talk to a zoo employee and got back to work -
1. do you think that the primates roam free through the park?
2. is a lone senior at the zoo really more prone to chimp attacks than a group?
3. where did you ever hear of a chimp attacking a human anyway?
4. do you know you're calling 911?


BDawg said...

Hmm. Maybe the tiger attack confused here. She must see the zoo as more of a game reserve.

Jessica said...

You need to post more of your crazy phone calls. Does it cease to amaze you how dumb people are?

Kylie said...

I think that's the best one you've told yet!

Sara said...

People are so weird. How could that lady be in charge of other people. I can't believe that she actually thought that she had a serious emergency.