Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby 1 vs Baby 2

Comparing the first pregnancy with the second
1: lots of 'round ligament' pains 2: no such thing, the ligaments must be stretched already
1: lots of back pain 2: none, not on my feet as much
1: didn't really show for 6 months 2: look 9 months pregnant at 6 months
1: let some personal grooming slide 2: won't go out unless the unibrow is plucked
1: woke up at 3 am and ate cake 2: wake up at 3 am and eat Cheerios
1: no stretch marks until week due 2: new stretch marks every day
1: wore regular bra until delivery 2: no comment
1: "I might not need an epidural..." 2: "Are you kidding me?"
1: Couldn't wait!! 2: It's going by so fast!
1: A ton of heartburn 2: not so much
1: kicked like a soccer player 2: more like a ninja
Something that is just the same, going to the bathroom a lot, and being excited to meet the new kid!


Eric and Andrea said...

So... your new baby is going to be a ninja? That's so cool! I can just imagine him practicing right now. Little Ninja Knudson, perfect.

Kimberly said...

he kicks so hard, strangers can see it and they say things like "Holy Cow!! Is that normal!!?"
I'm like, "he's just kickin . . . " (duh)
It fells like he is straightening out his legs all the way, then trying to stretch his arms up above his head, then going back to the normal fetal position, then "POW" his arms and legs both go at the same time. It makes the belly look pretty lopsided for a second.

But I don't think it's very usual for someone to notice it in the grocery store . . .
This weird old lady yesterday was totally staring . . . "Oh, you've got another one coming any day now ..." then she looked confused, "but he hasn't dropped yet? Look how hight that belly still is!!"
I wondered if she used to be an OBGYN or something, because people don't usually have that kind of commentary.
I was trying to pick out WIC cereal, and she was still really staring . . . then she starts to inch closer
I'm thinking, "lady, if you try to touch the belly, you will loose your hand!"
I didn't offer that I wasn't due for a couple of months ... which is probably all she was wondering, but then the ninja tried to do the long jump in there, and it really startled her ... "OH MY!!"

"yeah . . ." I muttered
then grabbed the Cheerios and fled.