Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zane's the name!

I asked Ezri if she thought Zane was a good baby brother name, She said "Zane?" Then "Baby, Zane?" It looked like she was really thinking it over . . .
Then she got her , "oh, I get it" look . . . and yelled "ZANE-ZANE-ZANE -BAH!"

Now instead of patting the belly and saying "baby", she asks me , "Boobah, belly? Zane-Zane-Zane-bah, belly?"

I am thinking she got this idea in her head when dad said that mom had a boohbah belly . . . and when she asked me "what's that?" when the Boohbah's were on, I told her they were little flying fur-babies. Plus, one is named Zing-Zing-Zing-Bah . . . and she has now decided we are having a fur-baby named Zane-Zane-Zane-Bah.


Jessica said...

I have always loved the name zane. But Devin wont go for it.
Thos crazy little characters are stranger than teletubbies