Friday, August 15, 2008

I used my Target gift cards today . . . . I intended to get infant diapers, infant seat . . . but something in my brain said, "get the Nike+ and a nano, you can get the other stuff later"
Now I feel a bit guilty, and want to wrap it up and save it for my birthday or something - but I can calibrate it for walking and get a head-start on exercising before baby is here. Still, the guilt . . . I am not going to take it out of the packaging until I talk to Christian, just in case. (he is at the zoo with Ezri)
I think talking to the nutritionist the other day influenced this sort of impulsive buy. Her plan for me is way aggressive. I was thinking we would plan to take off the weight gained from this pregnancy, slowly . . . no.

I guess I'm kind of excited to have a weight loss advocate, but I was shocked to hear the goal she set up for baby's first birthday.

135 pounds

really? I weighed more than that at my wedding . . .

I was like, "really . . . that's . . . wow. Um, in 12 months? really??"

She was like - "you've already admitted you know how to do it, have done it before, and know you can do it . . . so why the surprise? What's stopping you?"

I don't know, it just seemed, I don't know, like a lot of work? I guess since I don't have a job, there's really no excuse not to put the time and effort in to 'just do it.' Still, I'm kind of shocked. I'm glad she set the goal, though. I would have been like, "Oh, a pound a week sounds good."

So, my apologies in advance if I turn down the refreshments, or seem like the up-tight weirdo ordering, "can I have that cooked with no oil and no salt?" And yell things like, "Don't look at me while I do Tae-Bo! Get out of here!!" or "Donuts!? DONUTS!! Are you kidding me?"


EmilynDev said...

You look amazing in that wedding picture!!! Holy cow you were tiny! Buy the way I LOVE your new haircut.

Jessica said...

Wowza! That is a lot of hard work! BUT, I have seen you do it before! You are an all or nothing gal. I have the Billy Blanks Boot Camp tucked away in the cupboard, if you want me to burn them. They are some serious ass kickers!

Kimberly said...

I was just looking at Billy's web-site!! I still have my original video's, but our only VCR is in the bedroom, and there's not a lot of room for 'round-house kicks' in there. I can't believe I'm thinking about Tae-bo right now! I can't even get out of the car, the bathtub, off the couch, the without help . . .
(Okay, I lied, right now I'm actually thinking about a big chicken burrito with extra cheese and guacamole . . .)
But, if you get your computer figured out and can burn a set for me, I would really appreciate it.