Friday, August 29, 2008

Not feeling so gross today, but also probably not going to deliver any time in the immediate future . . . The doctor said I had dilated about 1 cm, though. I guess that's better than nothing. They have these paper measuring tapes to check the 'fundus', and the measuring tape only goes to 40, and it ran out before it got to the top of my belly!! Then, after about 20 questions about when my last period was, (um, 9 months ago, genius . . . ) and a lot of probing on the belly, he said, "looks like he might be a . . . good size baby." I liked his choice of wording, but I could tell he wanted to say "incredibly HUGE baby" And for those of you who don't mind TMI --- I did loose the mucus plug this morning. That can be a sign of labor starting. But the contractions are very irregular. One or 2 will be pretty strong, then I barely feel them for the next hour or so. So, we will just wait for our "good size" boy to be ready.


Jessica said...

The check up sounds all to familiar. Big baby, not dialating. but then the following week, oh totally dialated, big baby. Week after that, and week after that. You wont make it through the weeked. Fianlly, had to be induced, then re-induced, pushed for 4 hours, then c-section. I had my IUD out this past Monday, and asked him if I could have another c-section or if they were going to make me push again. LOL! I get to chose if I am only having one or two more. If I am having 4 or more, I should opt for pushing. Sorry that was such a tangent! You can see I have baby on the brain. And the mucus plug thing, is it as gross as it sounds?

Keep us updated!!!

Liz said...

um Kim, don't feel too bad. That measuring tape ran out of tape for me when i was only 5 1/2 months along with my twins...I was a freak of nature. He'll come when he is crappy as it is to wait around!! Good luck and I can't wait to see pics of the linebacker!