Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HA! Man Doctor!! See, I knew what I was talking about!

First of all, Jessica, I have to call you because I have lots of IUD questions . . .

And Second - HA! That silly man doctor told me to "go to the movies and enjoy your afternoon"
Good thing I didn't listen to him! (more details to follow when the carpal tunnel eases up a bit . . . ) but guess what happened later that afternoon??? . . . WELCOME ZAIN STOCKTON KNUDSON

9lbs, 2 oz, 21 inches blazed into the world at 12:44 am after a very exciting delivery on Aug 30th. And the action did not stop with the delivery....

Anyway, I will have to tell the story later when I can type without numb fingers . .


Amy Bateman said...

What a handsome lil' devil. I will patiently wait for all of the glorious details.

BDawg said...

Put down the baby and blog.

Kimberly said...

Sorry, seriously, it doesn't take much before my arm is going numb, and my wrists and fingers ache worse than the parts that the 14cm head of my sun was forced through . . . so, details will wait till I can give the story and personal commentary the attention that it needs . . .

Kimberly said...

I meant son, not sun

BDawg said...

Dictate it on webcam. Or make Christian type.

Kimberly said...

hmm, I could use sound effects on the web cam . . .

Kimberly said...

I put a long comment in Madsen Blog with Zain's pictures. It sums it up pretty well. No Meconium was aspirated - so my biggest fear was avoided, and his platelet count continues to rise. should be in normal ranges in about 7 to 10 days . . . improving at home. then we can torture him some more with the circumcision . . .

Jessica said...

Yeah, congrats. That is a big boy to push out! Hope you are feeling ok. Call me when you get a minute, so I can have all the gory details.

Kimberly said...

Copied from Madsen Blog - Zain's birth story. ewwwwww

Blogger Kimberly said...

bdawg, I know you are really trying to convince yourself Ali is the superwoman delivery story of the family . . . and maybe she is, but I know I'm a contender.
I'll give you a brief summary, but typing's not my favorite thing today. (ouch)

-meconium filled water breaks at home. (anyone who has had that happen automatically gets into the top ten, because it is seriously NASTY!")
-similar to ezri, the hospital was hoppin with deliveries, doctor tied up in emergency c-section, then the "crazy twins" (whoever they are) are delivered before anyone can really pay attention to me
-request for epidural sits unfulfilled for almost 5 hours
-"not as tough as she thought" Kim starts with the uncontrollable moaning, but when checked, is at 8-9cm. Still no epidural. Can only mutter to Christian "no talking! NO talking!!"
-Even though Zain's "almost here," I chicken out and get the epidural. There is hardly a break in contractions to get it in.
- It kicks in, I have about 5 minutes to make jokes with the nurses and doctors, when doc says, "Push!!!"
- yadda yadda, the pushing goes about like it goes for everyone - when doc says, one more and he'll be out.
- not the case, the internal monitor is attached to Zain's head
- Maybe 10 more contractions and he's still stuck! His heart rate suddenly drops, I'm pushing like mad, the vacuum keeps popping off and won't stick to his head,
doc does a triple episiotomy - I'm still pushing, then finally
-plop, his head makes it through
-next, I hear more snipping and think "more episiotomy?" but I see a 6-8 inch piece of umbilical cord fly over doc's shoulder
_Christian's eyes looked like , "whoa"
-she says "I got the cord off of his neck . . ."
- Zain cries before anyone can suck out any gunk and I thing "NO! the Meconium!!"
- his shoulders take a little more, and he finally is out.
- Doctor says something about "He's really bruised . . ."
- She's not kidding. She nick-names him "Bruiser" while the placenta plops onto the floor. (SICK)and (oops!)

- The stitches take so long, Zain gets to practice his "rooting reflex" on dad.
- I don't know what a "level 4 laceration is" but I imagine it means "total blow-out" as Val calls it.
- Zain spends the next 3 days getting poked and hooked up to iv's ... trying to figure out why he's all black and blue.

Now the best part . . . you know how everyone always says "all 10 fingers all 10 toes"?
Well, Zain has 4 toes on one foot, with one being a "Supertoe" where the 2 toes are fused together. It's AWESOME!
oh, and don't worry about the placenta, someone finally picked it up and put it in a tupperware-like bucket on the table right next to me. Also AWESOME. . .
I mean, how could anyone know that's exactly the kind of sick thing I would want to see?

Bottom line, Zain is fine, and I got to stay at a hospital that serves MArtinelli's and sauteed shrimp for dinner for almost 5 days.