Thursday, August 7, 2008

now the fun part

there must have been 20 firemen and a dozen policemen there. All very friendly and understanding. If I ever get hurt or in trouble . . . I hope it's in Burlingame! They had us cleaned up and taped up in no time. (the GEICO dude was also pretty cool . . .no picture, though.)


Jessica said...

Ok, first what happened? And second, what is up with your camera? The images are cloudy, and the sound coming from the video sounds like the Friday the 13 music!

Kimberly said...

the pic's are from my cell phone, mz. photo critic. . .I think the videos are double bad because they didn't load into Blogger right . . . I don't know what's up with the sound . . .it took me forever to get my phone transfer to work right, then I was too pooped to type the little story:
Some distracted lady rear-ended us. Christian said, "we are going to get hit . . . " then let off the brake. My brain didn't process what he said, and I remember thinking, "What are you doing, there is a car in front of us!"
Then SCREEEEEEEECH SLAM!! And Christian stepped on the brake again so we didn't hit the car in front of us.
Ezri woke up and said, "Lights green now, mom . . . go"
When the truck pulled up Ez said, "oh, we're STUCK!"
The firemen and police were so cute! They asked, "do you have any complaint other than the seat belt mark?"
I said, "Yes, I am hungry."
He yelled out - "You hear that boys -- Her complaint is 'hungry'!"
They chuckled a little.

The lady who hit us was a wreck. Her car was a wreck, she was a wreck . . . I felt bad for her, but am glad nobody was really hurt. Hooray for seat belts! Her license plate was all crushed up into this wad . . . I wish I would have taken a picture of it. I didn't see her, but based on what I heard, the skid marks, the seatbelt mark on my shoulder, and how jacked up her car was, my unscientific guess is that she was probably going between 35 and 40, and only stepped on her brakes about 5 feet before hitting us. I don't know what was distracting her.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I've been rear-ended in less than a year.(2 possible hit-and-runs in the past with minor rear damage to my car . . . and one that was witnessed)so, at least now it will all be fixed. Christian got me this silly license plate cover last week, and I was nagging him to put it on yesterday - I guess I'm glad he didn't!

Don't worry, we still made it to Stacks in time for lunch. Plus, the firemen took the car seats out, adjusted the straps for me, then put them back in super tight! The infant seat was in the car, but not adjusted yet.
I know it doesn't matter, but I was all proud of how clean my car was! I really detailed it well after Tahoe, even put the floor mats in the wash and cleaned out all the compartments. It was embarrassing enough how many emergency workers arrived, I was glad that they didn't see my messy car . . .
When we all got out again, some of the duct tape they put on the rear light to hold it on had come off. Ezri said, "My car needs a band-aid! Car scratched!!"

She's a real sweetie. She is taking care of her toys in the infant bouncer. Giving them naps . . . I hope she has fun having a little brother!

Jessica said...

I am so glad you are ok. I love how Ezri told you the light was green whe jolted awake. And your I' am hungry comment, LOL!

She will love having a baby, it is a womans weird natural instinct.

I was so pissed that the dispatcher did not log my call. I know you would have! :)

Jessica said...

I now need to see a picute of Steve. I liked Mike. Your are one of the people I covet, because you can have any cut or color and you still look great.

Amy Bateman said...

I'm glad that you guys are alright. I heard that you had to get new baby seats if they've been in the car during an accident. True? False?

You just won 1st place for longest comment in the history of blog comments.

Kimberly said...

Amy, TRUE:
However . . . I was advised that only car seats "in use" needed to be replaced, so the infant seat that was in the car, but had no infant in it is technically not considered 'involved in an accident' and does not need to be replaced.