Saturday, October 18, 2008

How did she get so sweet?

Bedtime has been a little difficult the past couple of weeks. Ezri has been crying, "no thank you! I can't like bedtime!" and getting out of bed 2 or 3 times before falling asleep. The usual 2 year old tricks, "I need water!" "MOM! Truck outside!!" are her latest favorites.
Well, last night after telling her not to wake up mommy, and to stay in bed, I heard hysterical crying from her room. "MOOOOMMMM! I need bear! (sob sob sob) I need my bear!"
Well, she likes to have Blue the puppy at night, but this is the first time she has asked for a bear. I was stumped. I gave her a teddy bear and she cried, "noooooooo, neeeeeeed bear .... PLEASE mom, need my bear!!"
I was so exhausted and frustrated. I said, "I have no idea what bear you want. close your eyes and go to sleep!!"

Christian came upstairs and tucked her in, and she calmed down and fell asleep.

I woke up to feed Zain at about 2am and realized she was saying, "I need prayer."

I wanted to go wake her up and tell her I was sorry and say prayers with her. What a cutie! She got up at 5 and tried to sneak into my bed, and this time, she had a prayer to help her back to sleep.


BDawg said...

I was 1/2 through the story wondering what she was asking for. . . "Beer?" (been watching The Simpsons, maybe).

But that is sweet. Our issue with Morgan is that when she prays she compulsively looks at people in between sentences and "Shushes" them. . . *sigh*.

Jessica said...

There were a few nights at first, I could not figure what she was saying. Bear, ear, beer? Devin finally figured it out. Prayer!

Maren also LOVES to say, "No, I can't like it." Can't like food, smells, me sometimes.