Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was just telling Christian how I feel like I take 2 steps forward, then get knocked 3 steps back, never making any progress ... for example; getting the Subaru totally fixed, then the anti-lock brake system goes on the fritz ... or potty training the 2 year old, only to discover that I am the one who can't go more than 90 minutes without having an accident ... or planning an out-of-state trip to stay with relatives to get summoned to Jury Duty!! WHAT?

Still - I am keeping my "que sera sera" attitude that I adopted after the whole 9-1-1 adventure. What else can I do? Go crazy? Slip into depression? Nah -- some things are simply not in my control (um, apparently my bladder is one of them)... and something really good is bound to happen ... eventually.

When what do ya' know??? Still saying to myself, "Serenity now, serenity now, SERENITY NOW," I turn over The Jury Summons, and there is a continuation for nursing mothers.

I have never been so relieved. Hoooray for breast feeding!

It actually was a good day. Beautiful sunny weather, and even though I had to cut my jog short, Ezri was so adorable running along side for at least one mile. "I'm faster! I'm faster!" she would yell, then, "C'mon mom! Go faster!"

She would get totally out breath then say, "okay! Stop stroller. Mom, you stop. Drink water, too, mom."

So we each finished a bottle of water before too long...
I knew I was going to be in trouble about 10 minutes later. Even though she wanted to keep running, "MOM! I want exercise! Let me run!" Her frequent pit-stops to pick up rocks were not helping the situation.
There are only 2 port-a-pottys on the trail, and the closest one was at least a mile and a half away. Well, you already know how this story ends.


BDawg said...

At least you aren't dehydrating.

Haven't you ever wanted to be on a jury, though? I've always imagined it is like the best parts of law school, plus a lot of power, minus a lot of tests.

Kimberly said...

well, I was excited when I saw the envelope, and a rush of anticipation as I opened it, then the extreme disappointment at the date,then relief that it can be postponed. November 15th. My one way ticket for this trip would allow me to make it back, but the whole point was to not feel rushed. I wanted to stay a bit longer than 2 weeks. I still "get" to be in the selection, but my new date will be next year. (hopefully I won't need to wear Depends by then) I dunno, my experience with San Francisco court was just a big hassle both times. Waiting around all day, just to be excused, without even talking to anyone. I think there was a questionnaire, then a lot of waiting. At least I got out of work those days.