Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christian is wearing a tie~!

These are pictures of a rare moment where Ezri let Zain touch her, and she didn't shudder and shiver in disgust. In fact, she kicked me off of the bed and told me she was going to read a book to Zain - then started kissing his head! He looks shocked.
Then, he started to warm up and snuggle with her.
(the yellow on his shirt is from drooling the iron suppliments)

That's right, Christian is off to a job interview in Morgan Hill. YAY!

In other news - Ezri recognizes Obama on TV and shouts, "Kim, look! It's Ogoly Moogolly" Then, blesses "President Momomma" in her prayer.
I was surprised, because we don't talk politics...but, the TV has been on inauguration coverage since Sunday. There's something to be said for repetition. . .

She has been singing this song I don't recognize, "Follow the comet, follow the comet . . ." I figured she must have picket it up on Diego, or Dora, or maybe the Wonder Pets - (following a comet sounds like some adventure they would go on.) and I figured she just didn't have the tune quite right, because it was so flat and dreary . . . then, last night while we are putting pajamas on, a song comes on the Children's Songbook CD, and Ezri gets all excited, stands up on top of the chair, and starts belting out "Follow the comet, he knows the way!" then falls down into the chair in a dramatic fainting spell.

I about died laughing, because she had the tune exactly right to "Follow the Prophet." The song must have 10 versus. It's no wonder she picked up the tune, at least. Too bad it isn't exactly a plesant melody!


Buffy said...

That is so funny about the song follow the prophet, it came on the CD the other day while the kids were eating lunch and Ty picked up on it really quickly too. It must be due to all the verses - that is the song that never ends :) A good song - but a LONG song.

Pat said...

wow, your kids are too cute, good luck to Christian

Amy Bateman said...

Once upon a time I got called as primary chorister in the English ward in Taichung, Taiwan.
The primary Pres (my olympic snorer roommate) told me that Follow the Prophet was the new song I had to teach them.
I rolled my eyes, and got caught.

I loved the days when we got lost on our way to the chapel and I (shucks) missed Primary. Too evil?