Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After Zain found the last bit of Mac'N'Cheese in the bottom of the bowl - I made these

Cute baby booties . . . So cute, I stayed up a little later and made a Pair for Zain, too.
I'm normally really annoyed when he wakes up right at 10:30 - just as I'm falling asleep . . .
but, tonight I was thrilled - they were just finished, and I could try them on him. I don't know how comfortable they are, but he crawled all over, and they didn't fall off - so I am calling it a success.
You can find the pattern by following The Michael Miller link on the left.
I didn't take pictures of Ezri's fat lip - she flew ~face first~ out of her swing at the park today. It doesn't look too bad. She's a tough gal.


Buffy said...

I'm impressed Kim - very cute!