Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ezri has been doing so good in her class - that I felt confident enough to come home and do my own crafty. Zain loves his key fob - Ezri hooks hers to her Blue's Clues leash. It was nice, and I got to walk back and forth between home and class an extra time. Hey - not a 7 mile run - but every little bit helps.

When we picked up our mail on the way to class - the little hardware package had already arrived - and I was thrilled to put it to use so soon.

The teacher had all of the kids hiding behind their sunshine masks. I think the idea was to have all of the kids reveal their faces at the same time? . . . but Ezri jumped up "Mooooooommmmeeeeee!" as soon as the door opened, hugged her teacher - then we left - with the rest of the class still lined up with their masks on.


Liz said...

Is it OK that the mask kind of scares me?

Jessica said...

Cutest little face behind the sun. And the cratiness continues. You should whip out a bunch of these, and set them asde for baby gifts. I love them!