Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yay! I wasn't 100% confident in my theory that if I simply didn't worry about weight, and just ate like a normal person, the excessive amount of baby weight would just take care of itself... and I was a bit concerned when my mom's bathroom scale broke, and I didn't check my weight for about 3 months. . . throw in Halloween, Birthday cakes, Thanksgiving pies, and cold weather, and I did hesitate to get ont he scale this morning. "why bother?" I told myself. "this will probably just ruin my day . . ."
Then I thought, "what the heck." Kicked off my shoes, and hopped on.

A pound a week for 63 weeks. Sure, it's not as dramatic or attention grabbing as doing it biggest looser style in 5 weeks . . . but it is still an accomplishment, and I'm halfway to my goal. And I'm not a crazy obsessive dieter, just a regular person, who doesn't get up at 5am to exercise for 3 hours before work, who doesn't write down every calorie consumed, and who doesn't freak out if someone brings doughnuts to work.
It has been a great 63 weeks, and I look forward to the second half, where I won't have Metamucil for lunch, and I won't eat celery everyday, and I definitely will not be running a marathon. Hooray for slow and steady! Hooray for hot cocoa at breakfast, and Hoooooooray for sleeping in and not jogging on mornings like this one.


Sabrina said...

Way to go!!! I love your philosophy- swpecially as I sit here eating cookies! Are you still living at your mom's? We'll be up for New Years...I'd love to drop in and see you!

Becky said...

Nice! Good job! You give me hope!

Jessica said...

SO happy for you! Slow and steady wins the race. I am not there yet though.

Liz said...

YAY you!!